Can bike fitters use our extenders?

YES. Now bike fitters can give their customers a solution to knee pain without having to order longer spindles which are typically made of heavy steel. Also, these tend to be special order and the customer has to wait for them. Now bike fitters can simply use PedalX titanium extenders and their customers favorite light weight pedals. This package is lighter and superior to what bike fitters have been doing for years.

How do bike stores benefit?

Now bike stores can offer their customers a light weight and simple solution to prevent or alleviate knee pain. Using PedalX extenders bike stores can now sell any pedals to their customers. A customer can get the pedals they want, not what they get stuck with.

Our product packaging has UPC bar codes on it for your convenience.


How do I install these on my bike?


(1) Screw pedal into body. Tighten using a 17mm wrench and your pedal wrench size.

(2) Screw threaded stud into other side of the body. Tighten with the 17mm wrench and a 6mm allen wrench.

(3) Tighten entire assembly into your crank arm using the 17mm wrench area.

Disclaimer: Improper installation can result in possible bodily injury.

Warning: Carbon fiber crank arms have not been fully tested. Contact your crank arm manufacturer before installing.

For more information on installation visit: www.pedalx.com/install

How much lighter are these than steel to reduce my rotating weight?

Our pedal extenders are less than half the weight of steel. A reduction in rotating weight is always desirable when cycling and that is why we have used the lightest and strongest material possible (titanium 6Al-4V).


Traditional solid extenders made of steel in 25mm are 121 grams/pair

Our titanium Hollow Body Solid Stud Extenders in 25mm are 59.6 grams/pair

How well will these hold up on my bike?

Once installed these pedal extenders are virtually indestructible. Made from one of the highest grades of titanium (ti 64). Coupled with the diameter of the solid stud that connects your crank arms to your pedals we have designed them to be used under all cycling conditions.

Will this help alleviate or prevent knee pain?

Pedal extenders have been used for many years to alleviate or prevent knee pain. The problem is a person’s Q Angle or Q Form is incorrect due to one or many reasons including:

• Height of the person riding
• Shape and rotation of a person’s legs
• Tendon or cartilage deterioration

Using pedal extenders has either alleviated or prevented all these scenarios for years.

Disclaimer: We do not suggest that using pedal extenders will work for everyone but we have seen pedal extenders work on a majority of people with these issues.

Will this product work on my pedals and crank?

YES! These will work on all pedals and cranks that are 9/16 inch thread. We design our product to work on any manufacturer / model available today.

There are special circumstances where a pedal manufacturer may not conform to the industry standard of 9/16 deep V threads.

If you have a question about whether your pedals will fit please send us an email at info@pedalx.com.