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Indestructible ★ Super Lightweight ★ Fits All Pedals

Our extenders solve every problem including these:
• Fits all pedals
• Rotating weight is cut drastically compared to steel
• Alleviate or prevent knee pain
• Eliminate heel rub
Hollow Body Solid Stud Ti 6Al-4V Pedal Extenders by:

*If you are using a 20mm steel set our 25mm titanium set will work just fine!

There has been a dramatic decline in pedals with a wrench area on the spindles. Pedal manufacturers have limited pedal extender users to either suffer without extenders or buy cheap heavy pedals with a wrench area. This problem has evolved over the last several years and almost all of the pedals on the market have spindles that are completely turned down with no wrench area. The only way to install most pedals on the market is at the end of the spindle using a 6 or 8mm allen wrench. This has made the traditional, solid pedal extenders obsolete and unusable since 90% of the pedals on the market do not fit. Solid titanium pedal extenders cost $120. Our pedal extenders are under $100 and fit all pedals.

PedalX has designed an indestructible, lightweight, totally compatible pedal extender that has a beautiful finish and will never corrode or rust. Our extenders are superior in strength than traditional, solid pedal extenders including titanium because there is no back cut on the threads. All the force is evenly distributed over the entire stud and is tightened down against the stop flange inside the body. This also prevents it from touching your pedal. This means absolutely no weak points. We have also designed our extenders for ease of installation. Our wrench slot on the hollow body is 17mm in size. It is located in the middle to prevent scratches on your crank or pedals during installation. The wrench area is also wider than normal to not only accept a 17mm wrench but a crescent wrench as well. We knew not everyone has metric wrenches at their disposal. Our extenders are truly the pinnacle in pedal extender strength, design and compatibility. Whether you are a daily commuter, full on racer, hitting the jumps or on the trails these pedal extenders will perform flawlessly. This is the last pair of pedal extenders you will ever buy.
Saving 2 knees at a time worldwide!